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By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

American Muslim Voice Foundation held its 3rd annual Eid Festival at the First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto on December 17, 2016. AMV Eid Festival 2016 (3)

At the outset of the program a moment of silence was observed for the victims of senseless violence at home and around the globe.AMV Eid Festival 2016 (5)

Areeba Yasin was MC of the colorful event. Rev. Shijung Shim of First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto." Assalamuallaika ya Rosullallah "  spiritual song by "Salawat Salam Nasheed" perhaps stole the show.

Emahn and Sheikh Ehan Ali mesmerized the audience with their electric performance of Punjabi cultural dance Jugni. Little Nail and Punhal Chudry equally thrilled the audience with their superb performance of another Pakistani dance.

Umaima Yasin spoke about what Eid is and how Muslims celebrate the occasion.

Dr. Aifra Ahmed amused the audience with her presentation of a poem.

Samina Faheem, the founding Executive Director of the AMV, welcomed the guests on behalf of the AMV.

A salient feature of the Eid Festival program was sharing a favorite holiday memory by all the guests as well as the hosts.

The program included Interfaith Panel with participants included from Christian (Pastor Danielle Parish), Jewish (Lisa Rosenberg ) and Muslim (Khaled Saeed, AMV National President) faiths.AMV Eid Festival 2016 (8)

At the end of the program complimentary luncheon was served to about 270 guests.

The program organizing Committee Members were: Shama Khan, Wardah Chowdhry, Yusra Beig, Rohi, Nomi Dar and Abdus Sattar Ghazali

 Areeba Yasin  offered a very special thanks to First United Methodist Church of   Palo Alto,  the event supporters/co-sponsors, committee members, performers, volunteers  and audience.   

Co sponsors included: Dr. Ala Din, Saba Islamic Center, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Raza Family, Rahima Foundation, Muhammad Mattu, Tasawwar Ali Khan, South Bay Islamic Center, Taj and Qamar Noori, Athar Siddiqee, Sagir Ahmad, Shama Khan, Richard Konda, Penny V Phillips, Friends of Human Relations, Ann McEntee, Aamir Qurashi, Halal Fest, Inc. Leon Yang, Shahid Chaudhry. Andaleeb Ahmed, Diana Gibson, Ejaz Naqvi, Sylvia Villasenor, Javed Ellahie, Mertze Dahlin, Kamil Family, Dianne Otterby, Rowan Fairgrove, Dr. M. Nadeem, Linda Busek, Andrea & Sandy Perry, Eric & Lynne Stietzel, Waheed Siddiqee, H. R. Tsou, Latif Family, Penny Barrett, Zareen's Restaurant, , Aida Hamshari, Tasadduq Attari and Yasmin Vanya.

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