AMV Interfaith Iftar 2018 TITLE

AMV Report: The American Muslim Voice (AMV) held Interfaith Iftar on June 10, 2018. The event, held at the residence of Samina Sundas, the founding Executive Director of the AMV, drew large crowd from near and far representing various ethnic and faith groups.

At least 180 people have registered to attend the traditional AMV Iftar and almost all of them were present.  Last year AMV hosted over 140 guests.

Samina Sundas welcomed the guests on behalf of the American Muslim Voice.  She was happy to see more and more guests attending the AMV traditional Iftar.

She pointed out that on this July 4th the American Muslim Voice Foundation will celebrate 15 years of service to our faith, Muslim community and community at large.

The AMV was founded in July 2003 by American Muslims to work for and with ALL Americans.

It works with all Muslim, multi-faith, community organizations, groups and individuals that share its vision of a peaceful, harmonious and an inclusive world.

“We deeply believe in fostering friendships among all Americans by bridging the cultural and religious gap. Every day we promote new relationships and nurture the old one’s because our country’s safety, security and peace depends on our getting to know each other. We will continue our quest to build an inclusive and beloved world, where all of us will feel safe and at home,” she added.

Sister Rahima addressed the audience about the work of her charity organization, Rahima Foundation.

Bhawna Kamil, an Islamic scholar, gave a graphic presentation about Islam. She also answered questions about Islam. Two student girls also spoke about the perception of their faith.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) distributed copies of the Holy Quran with English translation free of charge. The ICNA also displayed literature about Islam at their stall.

Scout, Abdullah called for Maghreb prayer.

Dinner was served after the Maghreb prayer led by Eshrat Hussain of Rahima Foundation charity organization.

At the end Samina Sundas thanked for all the sponsors and volunteers to make the event successful.

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